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    Recruitment Example


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    Recruitment Example

    Post  Misserabel on Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:42 pm

    Character name: Misserabel

    Class: Paladin

    Race: Blood Elf

    Reason behind Race choise: Pretty obvious, its the only horde race that can be paladin at the moment

    Activity (how often will we see you online): more then neccesary imo, i am slightly addicted Rolling Eyes

    Talents and reason for your spec: (6/58/7) Protection, it is a tank specc that focus on giving slightly more threat rather than the raid survivability of the offtank specc with 4 pieces of redemption, therefore i also made the choice to stack upp my block and only use three pieces of redemption.

    What guilds have you been in before? (try to be as descriptive as possible): on this server Calypto with my paladin but i have been in manny of the top guilds with my mage, Evokian, Second Wave and One More Try is a few of them, i have also played on another realm prior to my paladin hyitting 80, at that time i played on Balnazzar in a guild called Supernova

    Why did you leave these guilds? (try to be as descriptive as possible):Different reasons, lack of gear to guild collapses (be more descriptive than me on this point)

    Experience ( type all your experience from the old days to present day):I have seen most of the game so far, i saw ZG to BWL pre tbc and all content except the final 3 bosses in SWP in BC, now i have seen all except KT and malygos in 25 man and cleared all 10man content ( Misserabel Champion of the frozen wastes ,woho albino )

    So you are now making an applikation to join Mojito Madness, why?: I am in the guild FFS >.<

    We are an international guild so understanding english is a must, if you were to grade your english from 1 to 5 what would your english level be? please convince us: i would give my english a 4 since i have spent alot of time in the US, i also have relatives living there so english is used in my life on a day to day basis

    We are not an extreme hardcore guild, but rather a guild with a progressive mentality that raid casual hours, what days of the week will you be able to raid? (please fill in reasons why you cant raid the days you state thay you will not attend (Ps. we do not raid all of these days it is just to see if your schedule work with ours)):
    Monday (no) Hockey Game
    Tuesday (yes)
    Wednesday (most of the time)
    Thursday (yes)
    Friday (yes and no) obvious reasons PARTY!
    Saturday (no) Hockey Game
    Sunday (yes)

    Personal information (be descriptive and convince us how wonderful of a person you really are): I am a 19 yo swedish kid who study nature science at "high School" in Stockholm, i play hockey atleast 4 times a week + 2 games making my life a busy one, i also like socialities, partys, talking on vent you name it. When i do not play wow or hockey i prefer relaxing with a good movie or toying around with the multimedia tools on my comp.

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