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    Recruitment Template


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    Recruitment Template

    Post  Misserabel on Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:14 pm

    Redruiting Template

    Character name:



    Reason behind Race choise:

    Activity (how often will we see you online):

    Talents and reason for your spec: (x/x/x)

    What guilds have you been in before? (try to be as descriptive as possible):

    Why did you leave these guilds? (try to be as descriptive as possible):

    Experience ( type all your experience from the old days to present day):

    So you are now making an applikation to join Mojito Madness, why?:

    We are an international guild so understanding english is a must, if you were to grade your english from 1 to 5 what would your english level be? please convince us:

    We are not an extreme hardcore guild, but rather a guild with a progressive mentality that raid casual hours, what days of the week will you be able to raid? (please fill in reasons why you cant raid the days you state thay you will not attend (Ps. we do not raid all of these days it is just to see if your schedule work with ours)):

    Personal information (be descriptive and convince us how wonderful of a person you really are):

    Remember the more information and time you put into your applikation the bigger is the chance for you to make a great first impression! Good Luck!

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